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This recording leaves no doubt that Louise Glück is, as Thomas Lux says in his introduction, "one of our most original and uncompromising poets." This recording features two readings—the 1992 reading (1992) includes a stunning selection of poems from The Wild Iris; the 1981 reading includes poems from Descending Figure and The Triumph of AchillesLibrary Journal has said that "there is perhaps no other poet who can speak so ardently in the voice of flowers or atmospheric conditions and pull it off." 


1992/1981. Introduced by Thomas Lux

Length: 53 min.


Track List:

17 March 1992
1. Introduction by Thomas Lux
2. Introduction to The Wild Iris
3. The Wild Iris
4. Matins ([Unreachable father, when we were first exiled…])
5. The Hawthorne Tree
6. Witchgrass
7. Matins ([Not the sun merely but the earth itself…])
8. The Red Poppy
9. Vespers ('You thought we didn’t know...')
10. Field Flowers
11. The White Rose
12. Vespers ('I know what you planned...")
13. The Silver Lily
14. September Twilight
15. The Gold Lily
16. The White Lillies


22 October 1981
17. Introduction to "The Garden"
18. The Fear of Birth
19. The Garden
20. The Fear of Love
21. Origins
22. The Fear of Burial
23. The Mirror
24. Introduction to "Lamentations"
25. The Logos
26. Nocturne
27. The Covenant
28. The Clearing
29. Mock Orange
30. Introduction to "Metamorphosis"
31. Night
32. Metamorphosis
33. For My Father
34. Introduction to "Brooding Likeness"
35. Brooding Likeness
36. Introduction to "Summer"
37. Summer
38. First Goodbye
39. Night Song
40. Liberation
41. The Crossing
42. Horse

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