Heather McHugh & Gerald Stern

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Listeners to this recording will be dazzled by the poetry of Heather McHugh and Gerald Stern: the energy, the wit, the inventiveness, and, as Robert Pinsky says in his introduction, the "element of spiritual fire" that fuels this lively reading.


In between epigraphs, proverbs, anecdotes, and laughter, McHugh reads from her selected poems, Hinge & Sign, and Stern, winner of the 1999 National Book Award, reads poems from his eighth book, Bread Without Sugar.


1992. Introduced by Robert Pinsky. Length: 73 min.


Track List


    Heather McHugh


1. Introduction by Robert Pinsky
2. Mr. Pinsky reads "Shades" (McHugh)
3. Epilogue to "Shades"
4. Ms. McHugh’s introductory remarks
5. Introduction to "Acts of God"
6. I. Tornado
7. II. Lightning
8. Introduction to Two St. Petersburgs
9. I. Russia
10. II. Florida
11. Numberless
12. Coming
13. Introduction to "Connubial"
14. Connubial
15. Introduction to "To Go"
16. To Go
17. Introduction to "What He Thought"
18. What He Thought


    Gerald Stern


19. Introduction by Robert Pinsky
20. Introduction to "Sylvia"
21. Sylvia
22. Introduction to "First Day of Spring"
23. First Day of Spring
24. Introduction to "Grinnell, Iowa"
25. Grinnell, Iowa
26. Introduction to "What It Is Like"
27. What It Is Like
28. I Would Call It Derangement
29. Red with Pink
30. Introduction to "Ducks are for Happiness"
31. Ducks are for Happiness
32. The Thought of Heaven

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