Song of the Open Road

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 "O highway I travel! O public road! do you say to me, Do not leave me?"

                    —Walt Whitman, from "Song of the Open Road"


Traverse the landscape of American poetry with this audio companion, whether you're on your way or at your destination. This audio anthology brings together some of the best poetry written about and for travelers, from St. Petersburg to San Onofre, in celebration of "the open road"—that which Whitman calls "endless, as it was beginningless."


Each recording in the Academy's Audio Archive is a unique record of a moment in poetic history. Order now, and take a road trip with these contemporary and historical poets:



1. Larry Levis: In a Country
     9 March 1978
2. George Oppen: [Closed--car--closed in glass--]
     9 April 1964
3. John Ashbery: Getting Back In
     8 March 1994
4. John Berryman: Dream Song #77 [Seedy Henry Rose Up Shy In De World] (with introduction)
    31 October 1963
5. Lucille Clifton: What the Mirror Said
    3 May 1983
6. Adrienne Rich: from Calle Visión, Section 1-3 (with introduction)
    6 May 1997
7. Carolyn Forché: San Onofre
    7 December 1978
8. Gerald Stern: Grinnel, Iowa
    21 April 1992
9. Heather McHugh: from Signs of St. Petersburg
    21 April 1992
10. Alan Dugan: On Voyage
    10 December 1974
11. Kenneth Koch: One Train May Hide Another
    18 November 1969
12. Philip Levine: And the Trains Go On
    23 February 1978
13. Howard Moss: Tourists read by Amy Clampitt
     1 December 1987
14. William Stafford: At the Un-National Monument Along the Canadian Border (with introduction)
     17 November 1970
15. Harryette Mullen: Souvenir from Anywhere (with introduction)
     20 July 2001
16. Linda Gregg: What If the World Stays Always Far Off
     22 October 1981
17. Charles Simic: Euclid Avenue
      3 May 1977
18. Randall Jarrell: from A Street Off Sunset (The Lost World, III)
     29 October 1964
19. James Wright: By the Red River in Fargo, North Dakota
      20 March 1964
20. W. S. Merwin: Come Back
      27 October 1966
21. Gwendolyn Brooks: A Welcome Song for Laini Nzinga
     3 May 1983

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