Lucille Clifton & Gwendolyn Brooks

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"This is everything one could wish for in an audio recording," says Library Journal. "Well recorded, with two poets who are exceptionally fine readers, it captures all the conviviality between the poets and their warm interaction with the audience. Listeners, enveloped in the atmosphere, easily become an integral part of that audience... the interchange is as open and honest as is the writing.... Highly recommended."


1983. Introduced by Jane Flanders.
Length: 52 min.



Track List:

Lucille Clifton

1. Introduction by Jane Flanders
2. Introduction to "sisters"
3. sisters
4. Introduction to "the lost baby poem"
5. the lost baby poem
6. Introduction to "after reading stephen spender"
7. after reading stephen spender
8. Introduction to "homage to my hips"
9. homage to my hips
10. Introduction to "what the mirror said"
11. what the mirror said
12. Introduction to "cruelty"
13. cruelty
14. Introduction to "the lost women"
15. the lost women
16. Introduction to an excerpt from generations: a memoir
17. from generations: a memoir
18. Introduction to "my dream about the poet
19. my dream about the poet
20. Introduction to "my dream about the cows
21. my dream about the cows
22. Introduction to "my dream about being white"
23. my dream about being white
24. Introduction to "the thirty eighth year"
25. the thirty eighth year


Gwendolyn Brooks

Introduction by Jane Flanders
27. Brooks Interlude
28. Introduction to "Primer for Blacks"
29. Primer for Blacks
30. Introduction to "when you have forgotten Sunday: the love story"
31. when you have forgotten Sunday: the love story
32. Introduction to "Ballad of Pearl May Lee"
33. Ballad of Pearl Rae Lee
34. Introduction to "Riot"
35. Riot
36. Introduction to "We Real Cool"
37. We Real Cool
38. Introduction to "The Lovers of the Poor"
39. The Lovers of the Poor
40. Introduction to "Mayor Harold Washington"
41. Mayor Harold Washington
42. Introduction to "A Welcome Song for Laini & Nzinga"
43. A Welcome Song for Laini & Nzinga

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